TXT’s Beomgyu Breaks Down In Tears At Their Fan Meeting

“Today…I just wanted to smile for you.”

TXT recently held their live fan meeting SHINE X TOGETHER, meeting with a tiny group of fans in-person and many across the world through its live stream. When seeing fans for the first time in a while, Beomgyu couldn’t hold back his emotions.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

As he tried to fight back the tears, Beomgyu fought a losing battle as he turned away and began to cry.

The group started to chant, “Don’t cry,” to comfort Beomgyu as he wiped his tears.

A member pointed out how seeing Beomgyu so emotional would make all of them cry by saying, “I want to cry if I see you cry.

In a moment that had MOAs in tears as well, Beomgyu shared that he’d only intended to show a happy face to fans. He said, “Today…I wanted to just smile for you.

The members were right by Beomgyu’s side. Soobin rubbed his shoulder and even prompted Yeonjun to make his speech while Beomgyu calmed down. He didn’t have to worry.

With tears dripping down his face, Beomgyu powered through his speech, expressing how much he missed fans and thanking them.

I really missed you. We all did. Now that I’ve gathered [myself] up slowly, I feel it’s fortunate.

We’ll work hard until we become one. Thanks always.

— Beomgyu

Since Beomgyu often shows his playful and charismatic sides, fans were caught off guard by the emotional moment but cherished it even more.