“No Dating Rumors!” TXT’s Beomgyu Is Making Netizens LOL After His Interaction With Sabrina Carpenter At The “2023 VMAs”

“Sorry, I’m an anti-romantic…”

TXT‘s Beomgyu has made netizens LOL after a video has gone viral of his interaction with Sabrina Carpenter.

TXT’s Beomgyu | @txt_members/Twitter

The group attended the recent VMAs and performed an amazing stage with fellow singer Anitta.


Along with the amazing performance, TXT had some epic interactions with celebrities, and Beomgyu gained attention and made netizens laugh after a video was shared of the group’s interaction with Sabrina Carpenter.

Sabrina Carpenter | @sabrinacarpenter/Instagram

After their performance, TXT were spotted backstage and Sabrina Carpenter walked towards the members. Netizens noticed that as Sabrina moved closer and went to touch Beomgyu, the idol immediately took a step away.

Only to be greeted by Anitta, who they had performed with, who made an unexpected appearance on the other side of Beomgyu.

Beomgyu looked much more comfortable as they took the photo…

But it wasn’t surprising that the clip went viral, with many fans joking that Beomgyu’s actions were so that he didn’t get entangled in any dating rumors.


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♬ Back for More (with Anitta) – TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Anitta

When the video was posted, netizens had the funniest reactions, using puns on their songs and also explaining that Beomgyu’s behavior was done to avoid any dating rumors that normally happen when male and female idols interact.

Although Sabrina Carpenter isn’t an idol, her global status would have Beomgyu worried about negative attention.

Even on Twitter, netizens couldn’t stop LOL’ing at Beomgyu’s knowledge of being an idol and how he was very quick to move away to avoid any rumors.


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