Fan-Taken Photos Of TXT’s Beomgyu Has Everyone Falling For His Stunning Visuals In Real Life

“He looks unreal.”

When it comes to visuals, TXT‘s Beomgyu is always serving up looks that leave fans struck by his beauty.


After changing his hair color as they kick off their world tour ACT : LOVE SICK, Beomgyu has everyone falling even more in love when seeing fan-taken photos of what he looks like in real life.

| @THEBOY_BG/Twitter

During one of the group’s concert dates, lucky fans were able to see Beomgyu up close when he walked through the aisle, snapping photos of the memorable moment.

| @B_gyuu/Twitter

Because of the lower quality of the phone camera, many people were amazed that Beomgyu still looked so stunning in real life.

| @B_gyuu/Twitter

In fact, one of the fan-taken photos went viral as MOA commented on the idol being “so stunning and bright” and looking “so unreal.” One fan was so stunned that they posed the question, “How does one just look like that?

If you’ve ever wondered if Beomgyu looks just as handsome in real life, everyone now knows it’s absolutely true.

| @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Twitter