TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals Heartbreaking Times He Cried In Secret As A Trainee

He went through it “every day.”

While spending time on Weverse, TXT‘s Beomgyu answered some of fans’ burning questions, including the times he shed some tears.

A curious MOA asked the idol if there were any times he had to hide away and cry in secret. Because Beomgyu is human, he recalled his tough trainee days.

When Beomgyu moved from his hometown of Daegu at a young age, it was such a rough time that a day didn’t pass where he didn’t cry. He said, “When I first came up to Seoul, every day I’d wait for all the older and younger brothers to leave and then cry alone.

Even though Beomgyu shed tears every single day, he wouldn’t let it stop him from achieving his dream. He added, “I was determined to stay, even if it was out of frustration.

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In the end, all of Beomgyu’s tears and frustration paid off. In fact, it changed him for the better.

Beomgyu explained, “I think that’s why I’ve now become someone who can receive love and someone that others can rely on. I’m happy.


Being away from home at such a young age would be tough for anyone; training nearly 24/7 would only make it tougher.

Through his will, Beomgyu made it out on top and became the idol fans love. He can now cry happy tears with his members.

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