TXT Reveals How Their Producing Skills Compare To BTS

These two members are the producers of the group.

TXT held their debut showcase recently, where they opened up about which members were the producers of the group and what they thought of their skills so far.


Beomgyu and HueningKai revealed that they are the producing members of the group as they are currently working on their producing skills.


Beomgyu compared their skill to their label-mate, BTS. He says they are far from BTS’s level, but they are working hard to improve. He hopes TXT will one day be singing their songs, much like how BTS produces their own music.

“BTS’s producing skills are outstanding. HueningKai and I also compose and write lyrics. We’re working hard, but we’re not on their level. We’re working hard to get there. I hope we can improve enough to have our songs included in our albums.”

— Beomgyu


HueningKai agreed with Beomgyu, saying that their skills aren’t well defined yet, but they’re working hard on it. He also wishes he can become as talented as BTS.

“I’m the same as Beomgyu. My producing skills are lacking. I want to continually improve my skills and get as talented as [BTS]. We’ll work hard to make our own music.”

— HueningKai


Although they may not be as skilled as the BTS members, it’s important to remember that BTS also worked tirelessly for years to get to where they are! TXT members will surely get there one day soon!


All of TXT’s debut album songs were composed by BigHit‘s producers. Hopefully, their next album will have some of Beomgyu and HueningKai’s songs!

Source: Hankyung