TXT’s Beomgyu Proves He’s A Total IU Fanboy When Naming His Favorite K-Dramas

IU has won over yet another idol.

Whether they’re female or male idols, IU is such a beloved entertainer that she’s the ideal type or inspiration of many of them.

IU | @_IUofficial/Twitter

TXT‘s Beomgyu is the next idol to prove how much he adores the popular singer and actor.

Beomgyu | @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

While Beomgyu hosted Kiss The Radio, PENTAGON‘s Kino and Wooseok appeared as guests and asked fun questions that fans were looking forward to.

For one of those questions, Kino asked Beomgyu to choose one or two dramas that topped his list. Despite all the dramas to choose from, Beomgyu already had two in mind.

After a brief moment, Beomgyu named “Hotel Del Luna and My Mister,” which both happen to have IU in a starring role.

Kino picked up on the connection and asked Beomgyu if he was indeed a fan of IU. Beomgyu responded in the cutest way by whispering his reply.

Kino: Ah, My Mister. Oh, are you a fan of IU sunbae-nim?

Beomgyu: That’s right.

Since Beomgyu has recommended a few of IU’s songs to fans, it all makes sense. See Beomgyu confirm that he’s one of the many idols who adore IU.