TXT’s Beomgyu Melts Hearts With Name He Saved Taehyun Under In His Phone

The nickname takes the cake for one of the most caring.

TXT‘s Beomgyu showed his soft side when fans spotted the name he saved Taehyun under in his phone.


During Beomgyu’s birthday live broadcast, he talked on the phone with his members one by one before they came to visit him. In the process, fans saw the names he saved each member as.

While he saved kept Soobin‘s contact name short and sweet with “Choi Soobin;Hyung,” Beomgyu put extra thought into Taehyun’s.

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When Beomgyu was on the phone with Taehyun, it immediately caught fans’ eye that his contact name was longer than usual but hit fans right in the feels.

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Looking closer, he’d saved Taehyun as “Big Hit’s Lovely Maknae Taehyun.” The sweet name had MOAs loving the small way that Beomgyu showed his appreciation for his fellow member.

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Although Beomgyu usually shows off his playful and chic sides, he can be just as caring.

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Source: Naver Live