Netizens Shocked By TXT Beomgyu’s Little To No Lines On New Album

MOAs are disappointed.

TXT recently made their comeback with their third studio album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, and its title track, “Chasing That Feeling.”

While MOAs (TXT fans) love the new album, many could not help but notice some unequal line distribution. Leader Soobin and Beomgyu both noticeably had significantly fewer lines than the others. Yet, Beomgyu’s lines were nearly non-existent.

I honestly don’t understand why beomgyu doesn’t get any lines
byu/Better_Try_2300 inkpoprants

MOAs have expressed their dismay over Beomgyu’s lack of lines on “Happily Ever After” and “Growing Pain” specifically. While these songs are a few minutes long and meant to include all five members, Beomgyu has just a few seconds featured.

MOAs even pointed out during a recent live performance Beomgyu sang lines in “Happily Ever After” that were not his in the studio version. So, it seems like perhaps even during rehearsals, it was realized that he had none and was standing during the performance doing nothing, so they had to make a change.

MOAs are disappointed that Beomgyu has not been given more opportunity to showcase his vocal talents.

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