TXT’s Beomgyu Tried To Convince His Members That He Belongs In The Hyung Line—Here’s What Yeonjun Had To Say About It

Yeonjun’s reaction is priceless!

TXT recently made an appearance in the latest “IDDP” episode for 1theK where they searched various content about themselves and their career!

During the episode, the members read a comment that stated, “The BFFS. Soobin was born in 2000 and Beomgyu was born in 2001. So by Korean age, they’re one year apart. But by birthday (American age), they’re only 3 months apart.” Because the two are close in age, they have become close friends and instead of calling him hyung, Beomgyu calls Soobin by his name.

Following this comment, Beomgyu took a moment to explain how he is closer to the hyung line (Yeonjun and Soobin) than the maknae line (Taehyun and Hueningkai). Since Beomgyu is in the middle in terms of age, Beomgyu tried his best to join the hyung line.

Since our birthdays only have a 3 month gap I think that I’m closer to the hyung line in terms of birth dates.

— Beomgyu

Before he continued, Beomgyu caught a glimpse of Yeonjun and exclaimed, “LOOK AT THIS HYUNG’S EXPRESSION!

Shocked, Yeonjun defended himself and replied that he was merely listening attentively to Beomgyu’s explanation. Yeonjn further shared that he actually agrees with Beomgyu.

I was listening attentively! I agree with you, 3 months is a bit of an awkward gap.

— Yeonjun

Check out the video below: