Here’s The Real Reason Why TXT’s Beomgyu Initially Turned Down The Chance To Join TXT’s Debut Lineup

It is impossible to imagine TXT without him!

When you think of TXT, you think of them as five amazing idols and the leaders of the fourth generation of K-Pop groups. Although they might be very different in personality, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai seem like they were destined to be in a group together.

However, it could’ve been a very different story…

Member Beomgyu recently stole the hearts of fans worldwide after he appeared alongside TVXQ‘s Changmin and others on JTBC‘s show Bistro Shigor. During the episode, Beomgyu joined the rest of the cast in running a pop-up restaurant.

After a busy shift, the cast all went outside and chatted about their careers. Changmin explained that he started training to be an idol at 16 and added that because of his age, he couldn’t train for long and only did it for a few months before debuting.

Beomgyu then added that he was the same, and although his trainee period was longer than a few months, at two years, it was still less than any other Big Hit artists or trainees at the time because he started at a later age.

However, Beomgyu then shocked fans by saying that when he first joined the members in the debut group set to be TXT, he turned it down and said he didn’t want to do it.

When the other cast seemed as shocked and asked him why, Beomgyu replied, “I wasn’t planning on being an idol.” He then added that because he played the guitar, an idol group wasn’t the route he planned.

I was firmly thinking that I should be in a band later on, so I was determined to eventually become a member of a band no matter what.

— Beomgyu

Yet, the eventual opportunity to become a trainee and prepare for a debut with TXT made him change his mind.

Because the chance came my way, I thought, ‘Since things turned out like this, I should work hard,’ but then they suddenly said I was going to be in the debut lineup.

— Beomgyu

Of course, it is no secret that Beomgyu is a very talented guitarist. On more than several occasions, he has showcased his skills to MOAs, whether on live broadcasts or different reality shows.


Yet, it shows all of the work Beomgyu put in because now he is also a flawless idol who can not only sing and dance amazingly but has this presence on stage…

| SBS K-Pop/ YouTube

It is hard to imagine Beomgyu not part of TXT as he is definitely the “Happy Virus” of the group and brings so much to the performances! Luckily, Beomgyu changed his mind and debuted with TXT because MOAs wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: JTBC Entertainment