TXT Broke Down In Tears After Their Official Debut Performance

They couldn’t hold back their tears.

On March 16, Big Hit Entertainment revealed a behind-story video of TXT’s debut week where the TXT members broke down in tears.

TXT was both nervous and extremely excited as they awaited their first performance as the group TXT.


Then, after having successfully completed their debut stage, they went off to their next schedule which was a live broadcast. During the rehearsal, however, Yeonjun couldn’t hold back his tears any longer.


After seeing Yeonjun cry, TXT’s leader Soobin also broke down in tears.


And seeing his hyungs cry, Beomgyu told himself shouldn’t cry since his hyungs were crying but eventually let a few tear drops fall as well.


In fact, Soobin’s tears did not know how to stop, even after returning backstage. It seemed that Soobin, as well as the other members, were deeply moved that they were finally debuting.


And not only did they debut, but they’ve also already achieved so much in such a short time! Congratulations to TXT! Check out the full clip below:

Source: Youtube