TXT Nailed J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” Dance Challenge

They’re showing love for J-Hope’s song through dance.

BTS‘s label juniors, TXT, are showing their love for J-Hope‘s “Chicken Noodle Soup”!


On September 27, J-Hope released his trilingual collaboration with Becky G, and the dance challenge that goes with it. He posted this clip on TikTok, inviting fans to #ShowYourMoves.


BTS’s maknae line has already participated in the challenge, and now TXT is following in their footsteps! All five members put their unique spin on #CNSChallenge in this TikTok video.


Beomgyu also posted this individual video with a shoutout to J-Hope in its caption. “I’ve tried J-Hope!!!! #CNSChallenge I’m totally addicted to Chicken Noodle Soup these days. Heh Thank you for your good song!”


Soon after Beomgyu posted his own take on the challenge, Yeonjun posted one too. “It’s not much compared to J-Hope senior,” he wrote in the captions. “but it’s so cool that you’ll pick it up yourself. [My version is] a little bit disappointing compared to the original choreography, but it’s nice to see it.”


BTS’s adorable emoji reactions to TXT’s videos are giving Big Hit Family fans all the feels! It’s always heartwarming to see these “brothers” supporting each other.