TXT And BTS Both Responded To The Big Hit Family Photo

“Let Jimin sleep”

K-Pop “family photos” have been a thing for a long time, larger groups with lots of artists often take them for marketing purposes. Here’s one from Cube Entertainment, for example:

Big Hit Entertainment has historically been an agency that hasn’t managed many groups at once. For many years, the agency only had BTS and Homme under contract. This has changed with the introduction of rookie group TXT to the “Big Hit family”.

Big Hit soloist Lee Hyun shared a picture on his Twitter of a picture he took with BTS and TXT. Fans are calling this the unofficial Big Hit family photo.

J-Hope replied to the Tweet on BTS’s Twitter account. He thanked Lee Hyun and called him hyung.

TXT also responded on their Twitter account, saying “Thank you for coming to support. The pretzels were the best”.

Fans are loving this interaction, ARMY also wants everyone to let Jimin sleep!