TXT Can’t Help But Gush Over Their Favorite K-Pop Group: TXT

They spoke about TXT as if they weren’t members themselves!

TXT‘s biggest fans are none other than TXT themselves! In a recent interview with Seventeen, the members of TXT gushed over their group as if they weren’t in the band and it was too hilarious.

Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, Hueningkai, and Yeonjun. | Seventeen/YouTube 

TXT were asked to name their favorite K-Pop group and they didn’t even hesitate before naming themselves!

| Seventeen/YouTube 

They acted as if they weren’t the #1 experts on TXT, saying things like, “Oh, they’re the ones who debuted in 2019, right?” Truly an Oscar-worthy performance!

| Seventeen/YouTube 

Taehyun praised TXT for having a vision, and Hueningkai said he was surprised by them. Beomgyu totally got into character and started complimenting TXT for their sincere music as well as their visuals!

Beomgyu: Their music has, shall I say, a heartfelt sincerity to it? And a variety of genres.

Hueningkai: And if you focus on the lyrics, they’re good too.

| Seventeen/YouTube 

The self-love didn’t end there, however. When asked to list some songs that cheer them up, Yeonjun just said TXT! Taehyun gave a few more examples, though, like Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles.

| Seventeen/YouTube 

For their favorite love song, the members named “0X1=LOVESONG” and “LOSER=LOVER.” Soobin chose “MOA Diary” since they were “able to give our MOA some love.”

| Seventeen/YouTube 

Check out the full video below to see more of TXT’s answers!

Source: Seventeen