Soobin Cries Out For Help In TXT’s “ETERNITY” Concept Trailer

TXT has released their concept trailer for “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”.

TXT‘s new concept trailer can be summed up in two heartbreaking words: “save me.”

On April 28, TXT released the concept trailer for their upcoming album, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. The video begins with TXT sitting around a small, round table…

…happily hanging out together.

As the video progresses, however, the mood changes. The physical and emotional space between Soobin and his members grows until he is completely left out.

When Soobin tries to reach out, he becomes trapped in a glass box. No matter how much he cries out for help, his members don’t hear him, and he is eventually left alone in darkness.

During the video, TXT’s signature Morse code clues spell out “SOS” and “save me”. Soobin also says “save me” at the end of the video. Naturally, MOA already have theories about this heartbreaking story.

Why is Soobin separated? Will he be saved? While you’re waiting for answers, watch the concept trailer here: