The Members Of TXT Open Up On The Type Of Deep Conversations They Have With Each Other

Opening up isn’t always easy.

The members of TXT have been together for a long time now and there are surely moments where they have had some deep conversations. In a recent interview, each member revealed the type of deep discussions they have with one another.

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As the leader, Soobin shared that he talks with all his members about deep topics. Whether he will approach them or vice versa, it appears the boys are always there for each other.

Q: When you guys do a team meeting, you guys say you have conversations. Where and when do you guys usually hold deep conversations?

Most of the time we come together for a team meeting in our dorms or when we have time at our company. For me, since Beomgyu is my roommate, we casually have conversations in our room, and I do that with Taehyun while walking around the neighborhood. Yeonjun hyung and Hueningkai would suddenly ask to have a conversation and that’s usually how we start a conversation. The subject of our worries are often different, but we usually discuss about our team and give each other feedback.

— Soobin

Soobin further explained that the members realized that they should not hold in their concerns and that it’s better to talk and receive commentary from each other.

Honestly, we have never fought before our debut. We have never had any trouble with each other. But following our debut, we learned that keeping it inside is not always a good idea, and we have more conversations than we did in the past, and I believe we’re in the process of understanding and figuring each other out.

— Soobin

Yeonjun answered the same question but mentioned the hardships of being the oldest and not wanting to burden his dongsaengs with his concerns.

Because I am the oldest, I guess I can’t really have deep conversations with my members. I think I struggle with it myself due to not wanting to show my weaknesses to my dongsaengs. Then I think by myself. I thought that I should slowly lower the amount of my weaknesses that I don’t want to reveal. I want to be the type of hyung that my dongsaengs can trust and depend on (laugh). Then when the situation presents itself I can speak and I usually talk to Soobin and Beomgyu.

— Yeonjun

Beomgyu expressed a similar mindset as his hyung Yeonjun as he shared that he also tends to keep his worries to himself.

We usually talk in our dorms. But I think that I often try not to have deep conversations. I’m the type of person who normally surpresses it alone, so when I do have struggles, I’m the type of person that endures it and moves past it alone. But if it’s about all of us, our team, I say something. It’s something we definitely have to do for the group. We get together in our dorms or the practice rooms to have deep conversations.

— Beomgyu

Unlike Yeonjun and Beomgyu, Taehyun shared that he is pretty open to talking with his members about his worries.

I normally talk about my concerns to my members. But those worries don’t really have a serious vibe. But out of those, if I want to have a deep conversation, I think I usually talk to Soobin hyung. I usually talk one on one, we would do that while we walk around the neighborhood. If it’s more than one on one, we often have a team meeting in either Soobin and Beomgyu’s bedroom. It’s the biggest one (laughs). Or the artists lounge at the company? But honestly, we aren’t very critical about the location. Wherever we  meet, we can always talk there.

— Taehyun

For the group’s maknae, Hueningkai claimed he actually isn’t very good at sharing his feelings. Because of his struggle to express his feelings, he shared that he usually doesn’t have deep conversations.

To be honest, I don’t really deep conversations. I’m not very good at talking about my inner feelings, and I normally just listen to them. Back when I was a trainee, I did talk a little bit about them, but honestly, nowadays, I don’t really have a lot of concerns. If I were to talk, I would usually talk at the dorm in Soobin hyung and Beomgyu hyung’s room or in our practice room hall.

— Hueningkai

Despite many members being timid to share their concerns, they also appear ready to listen to each others worries.

Source: Weverse