TXT Has A Different U.S Label To BTS And Their Labels Are Fierce Rivals

TXT and BTS are associated with two separate companies of the “big three” music companies in the United States.

Both BTS and Tomorrow X Together (TXT) are under BigHit Entertainment, now one of the largest music labels in Korea thanks to the incredible rise of BTS. However, they are strangely not under the same American distribution company.

BTS’s music, as ARMYs will know, is distributed by Columbia Records in the United States which is an American subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. The label houses many big artists like Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Zayn Malik and John Legend.

For unknown reasons, TXT has a different distributor in the United States. TXT’s music is going to be distributed by Republic Records which is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group (UMG). Republic Records has some huge acts like Drake, Post Malone, Ariana Grande and The Chainsmokers.

The “big three” music companies in the United States are Sony (Columbia), Universal (Republic) and Warner Brothers so it’s very strange that TXT and BTS are essentially under rival distributors in the United States.

Following TXT’s debut today, Republic Records released a statement about their newest group entitled “Big Hit Entertainment’s Tomorrow X Together debuts in partnership with Republic Records”.

The statement doesn’t clarify exactly what TXT’s relationship with Republic is but it is certainly complimentary of BigHit and the boys. Being with such a large music distributor means that TXT’s physical albums will likely appear in convenience stores and record shops across the United States which is sure to boost physical sales.