TXT Will DJ The EBS Youth Radio Show “Listen”

We can’t wait to hear their amazing stories and advice!

Beginning on January 10, TXT will be DJing the EBS radio show, “Listen”. It is the only youth radio broadcast in Korea that listens to and empathizes with teenagers’ concerns. Previously, it was hosted by Chungha and Jeong Sewoon.

TXT is an idol group that has been gaining global popularity with their uniqueness, strong performances, and many talents. Many teenagers are drawn to them as they sing about the daily life of youth.

They have been guests on the show before and showed amazing empathy as well as impressive hosting skills.

TXT is an idol group that has empathized with teenagers through various activities. We expect that they will be able to win the hearts of teenage listeners with their excellent empathy and talents.

—Kang Dong Kyul (producer of “Listen”)

The boys are excited to meet listeners, hear their stories, and share their own.

Source: Naver and Allure