Check Out TXT’s Evolution As MCs From Debut To Now

They grow up so fast.

It’s been a year and a half since TXT made its debut, and the members have certainly all experienced personal growth as idols.


YouTuber 토람쥐 recently posted a video highlighting how their introduction greetings and MC talking skills have evolved.

Let’s start with the greetings from March 2019, when they first made their debut. They are full of energy, but as rookies, were a little awkward.

“Full of energy.” | 토람쥐/YouTube

Half a year later in October 2019, it seems like they started to get the hang of things. They come off more natural.

“Getting smoother.” | 토람쥐/YouTube

Fast forward to May 2020, and with over a year’s worth of experience, the boys are now certified superstars. They look completely comfortable!

“Not at all nervous, with everything under control.” | 토람쥐/YouTube

Next, let’s have a look at their small talk skills. MCing is hard, and as rookies, they had room for improvement.

| 토람쥐/YouTube

Later in 2019, it looks like they’ve calmed the nerves. Keep it going boys!

“Relaxed MCing.” “Bumkyu’s softened his speech.” | 토람쥐/YouTube

도람쥐 notes that Bumkyu in particular, has smoothened out the kinks. He’s from the Daegu region of Korea, which is renowned for having a strong dialect.

By May 2020, they’re just toying with the MCing. They do what they want now, and shine while doing it. Is it too early to certify them as veterans?

“Their name is written like ‘Tomorrow By Together,’ and read like ‘Perfect.'” | 토람쥐/YouTube

TXT has come a long way in such a short period of time. We’re sure that things will get even better from now on. Catch their performance at Super On: Tact next month!

Watch the full video here: