TXT Are Finally Ready For Their Japanese Debut

A brand new logo and album?

It hasn’t yet been a year since TXT took Korea by storm with “Crown” back in March. After releasing mini-album The Dream Chapter: Star and full album The Dream Chapter: Magic, they’re now setting their sights on Japan.


While fans had been focused on the teasers for their upcoming music video “Angel Or Devil”, TXT took everyone by surprise by updating their official Japanese Twitter account. They not only uploaded a new logo but shared an announcement of a single album titled MAGIC HOUR.

The single album will be comprised of three tracks. The Japanese versions of “Crown”, “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)”, and “Angel Or Devil”.

MOAs won’t have too long to wait since it’ll be released on January 15 of next year, which is less than two months away. Are you excited for their Japanese debut?

Source: TXT Japan Official