TXT Tops Gaon’s Weekly Album Charts At #1 With Their 1st Full Album, “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC”

These monster rookie know no other way than up!

TXT has marked another historic feat in their music career as they topped the Gaon Weekly Album Chart for two consecutive albums in a row! Gaon announced that TXT’s 1st full length album, “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC”, took the number one spot for the 43rd week of 2019 (October 20~26).


TXT also ranked at #2 for the Weekly Retail Chart as they sold over 124,000 copies in their first week, proving that their monster rookie selling power.


This isn’t the first #1 ranking by their latest album, it’s also topped various iTunes charts all over the world from the US, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and more!

They’ve also won their first music show win through The SHOW within just 8 days since the release of their new album.


This marks TXT’s second #1 selling album in 2019, all within a year since their debut! Congratulations, TXT!

Source: Star News