TXT Reveals The Hairstyles They Begged Bang Si Hyuk Not To Use For Their Comeback

Beomgyu wasn’t the only one who couldn’t wear the hairstyles 😂

TXT‘s comeback with The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE has shown off new hair colors, such as Beomgyu‘s blond streaks and Taehyun‘s silver hair.

According to Beomgyu and YeonjunBang Si Hyuk suggested other hairstyles they were happy didn’t make the final cut.

During a recent live broadcast, Beomgyu teased fans with the backstory on his hair. When he styled it into two pigtails, a thought occurred to Bang Si Hyuk when he saw the look.

Beomgyu | @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

Beomgyu shared, “After seeing the video, Si Hyuk said it was so pretty and goes very well with me, and said to do the hair in the album.

Beomgyu gave it a try, testing the hairstyle when they “were doing simulations.” It didn’t turn out as expected, though.

Despite how good the hair looked, it didn’t fit the concept and caused Beomgyu to plead with the company. He said, “‘Please save me. I don’t think it’s right to do this hair on stage.’” Fortunately for him, the company agreed and scrapped the style.

Yeonjun had a similar story to share. When filming for their comeback, he nearly wore a wig. To Soobin‘s shock, Yeonjun revealed, “Because I might have had to wear a green hair wig.

The color was also a surprise to Beomgyu, who noted, “The producer is trying to do a lot of new things.

Like Beomgyu, Yeonjun tried on the green wig. Yeonjun shared his uncertainty, “It was a round hair wig, and I wore it but…

The wig was such a miss that Yeonjun begged them not to choose it as the final look. He pleaded with the company, “I strongly argued, ‘Please, this is not right.’

Beomgyu’s pigtails might not be ready for the stage just yet but are super cute anyway. If it were up to Bang Si Hyuk, TXT would indeed be rocking some unique hairstyles, though.

Yeonjun and Beomgyu.
Source: Naver Live