TXT’s Hueningkai’s Gorgeous Visuals Got The Attention Of Everyone… Even A Panel At VidCon

Talk about worldwide handsome!

On Friday, June 24, TXT performed their latest hit “Good Boy Gone Bad” on Music Bank. The guys drew attention for their, as always, phenomenal performance, and also for their visuals!

They were dressed in rashguards which showed off each of their toned physiques, and later on, Hueningkai took to social media to give MOAs an even closer look at his outfit.

Caption: Have a refreshing summer everyone and thank you so much for watching music bank >3< ♡♡ I love you, MOA babies

Reactions to the post on social media show a pretty good look at the general feeling of MOAs.

In fact, the photos got so much attention that they ended up appearing on the big screen during last week’s VidCon!

For those unfamiliar, VidCon is an annual event that allows digital creators and platform innovators to meet with their fans and host different events, such as panels where they can answer questions from the audience.

VidCon teaser | CBS

One set of content creators at the event were Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara, who rose to popularity through the well-known supernatural and true crime series “Buzzfeed Unsolved”. They have since left Buzzfeed, however, and currently have their own YouTube channel called Watcher that creates similar content.

After their panel, this picture was making the rounds on social media that shows Ryan with a picture of Hueningkai on his phone. Of course, people at first thought it was fake.

However… It actually happened! A fan apparently asked Ryan to look up a hashtag related to the TXT member, and he did just that, which brought up the already mentioned series of pictures of the group’s maknae. And here’s how it all unfolded.

Fans are getting a kick out of this unexpected but hilarious interaction!

Which unexpected place will a K-Pop idol be seen at next?