TXT HueningKai’s Sister Rumored To Be Girl Group Member

He may not be the first in his family to debut!

With the growing interest in TXT‘s newest member, HuaningKai, fans have been discovering new information by the hour and it turns out, he may not be the first in his family to debut!


According to rumors, HueningKai’s sister is a member of a girl group that debuted back in 2017.


The group, who goes by the name VIVA, debuted in October 2017 with their title song “Tough Girl”.


And the member who is rumored to be HueningKai’s sister is Lea.


According to fans, Lea had shared HueningKai’s introduction video on her Instagram Story with an encouraging message, “Let’s go!”


And while the rumors have not been confirmed, it’s hard not to notice a resemblance between the two artists!


In fact, HueningKai’s father is also known to have been an actor and singer in China for 10 years. Obviously, talent runs in the family!


Check out VIVA’s “Tough Girl” performance below: