TXT’s Hueningkai And Beomgyu Open Up On How They Struggled With Being A Trainee And Attending School At The Same Time

They worked so hard to get to where they are.

TXT‘s Hueningkai and Beomgyu recently opened up on their trainee days and how difficult it was to train and attend school at the same time.

During their recent live broadcast, the members did their usual routine of reading comments from the viewers, answering questions, and of course, share intriguing stories.

Beomgyu shared a story from his trainee days that showed just how tiring the life of a trainee can be. Beomgyu told the viewers about a time he and Hueningkai were so exhausted from their busy schedules.

There was this one time when we were trainees, we had a schedule so after it ended, kai (Hueningkai) and I were resting at the dorm for an hour during lunchtime and we had to go for physical training after that hour but kai and I fell asleep.

— Beomgyu

Apparently, the two were so exhausted that they ended up missing school. Instead of getting up to attend class, Beomgyu shared that he and Hueningkai didn’t wake up in time because of how tired they were. Instead of confessing that they slept through class, Beomgyu revealed that they weren’t feeling well.

We went to school back then, right? We got a call and saw that 2 hours had passed already. When something like this happens, you can’t tell them you were sleeping, you have to say you’re sick so we were like ‘We’re sick.’

— Beomgyu

Hueningkai also shared his experience as a trainee and his busy schedule. Before debuting, Huenningkai share he try to catch some sleep but every time he did, someone would wake him to go to his next activity.

I would go to the living room and sigh. I’d just close my eyes and suddenly I’d hear someone go like ‘Kai, you need to wake up.’ I’d be like ‘How many hours passed?’ They’d be like ‘About 3-4 hours.’

— Huneingkai

Source: @translatingTXT and @translatingTXT


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