TXT’s HueningKai Confesses He Grew 20cm Since His Trainee Days And Here’s The Difference

And he’s not done growing yet either!

During TXT‘s recent showcase for their new album, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, HuengKai was asked what changed the most during the past 2 years since they first began preparing to debut.

He first discussed how he’s gained a sense of stability over the years, but then confessed that he grew 20cm since his trainee days and is still in the process of growing taller!

I felt chaotic when we debuted, but I’ve gotten stronger with a sense of responsibility now. I also have a greater desire to show everyone a handsomer image.

I also grew about 20cm since I was a trainee. I’m 183cm tall now, and I think my growth plates are haven’t closed yet.

— HueningKai

So we had to take a look back at HueningKai from debut til now! Back when they first debuted in early 2019, HueningKai was more of the middle height member than a stand-out giant.

Standing next to Soobin, the older member still had a clear lead in height. Look at Huening! He’s a total baby in the photo below!

But a year later, HueningKai’s height difference with Soobin and the rest of the members started to increase!

Could HueningKai beat Soobin for the title of the “Tallest Member” in the next few years?

It’s not just his height that’s changing either! TXT’s maknae is growing into his manliness! HueningKai continues to dazzle his MOAs as he grows into a man from a boy!

MOAs can sit back and enjoy watching their baby HueningKai continue to grow into a stunning giant (more so than he is already now)!

Source: Star Today