TXT’s Hueningkai And Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Give Zero F*cks About Gender Norms In Their New “Legendary” Photoshoot

The siblings will feature in “GQ” magazine!

One of the most iconic sibling pairs in K-Pop is TXT‘s Hueningkai and Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih.

Between the siblings (and also their oldest sister, Huening Navvab Lea), there is so much talent, and it seems unfair that one family has so many talented people.

In particular, since Bahiyyih debuted, there have been so many interactions between the siblings that netizens didn’t expect to start with. Whether it’s TikTok challenges, mentioning each other in shows, or music show interactions, it is always heartwarming to see.

On November 17, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that Hueningkai and Huening Bahiyyih would be appearing together in GQ Korea for a special feature on their sibling relationship.

While that was exciting enough, the teaser image had netizens in a full meltdown because of how “legendary” it was. In the image, the siblings showcase their visuals and sibling bond with a sleek and sophisticated concept.

| GQ

Yet, while the photoshoot slayed, the outfits truly proved to be a slay. Like many K-Pop male idols, and especially those in TXT, Hueningkai has always put a “middle finger” up to gender norms in fashion.

The members of TXT wearing skirts | @TXT_Members/Twitter

In the photoshoot, netizens noticed that not only was Hueningkai wearing a sleeveless dress…

But that he and Bahiyyih were wearing the same knee-high high-heeled boots.

Of course, the fact that Hueningkai and Bahiyyih are coming together for a photoshoot is exciting enough. Yet, the fact they truly slay in their matching outfits makes it legendary.