TXT’s Hueningkai Praises His Father’s Talent And Gives Him Credit As What Inspired Him To Pursue Music

They are a family full of talent!

TXT‘s maknae (youngest) member Hueningkai is the full-package! Not only is he incredibly handsome and charming, but he’s also incredibly talented! From his amazing dancing and singing to his impressive talent in playing several instruments, it seems Hueningkai was meant for a life as an idol!

In his recent interview with GQ Korea, Hueningkai gave some insight as to where and how he got into music! During his interview, Hueningkai gave credit to his musically talented father for guiding him to be the artist he is today.

Q: There’s a lot of instruments that you can play right? People sometimes call you “Hue-zart.”

Honestly, my instrumental skills go up and down so… but I find that throwing away my specialty of playing instruments would be a waste. I am diligently practicing piano, and my father taught me how to play the guitar. I’ve learned a lot of musical aspects from my father.

— Hueningkai

Hueningkai further explained that he respected how his father brought joy to those around him with music.

The environment of living in China during my childhood is very fresh in my memory. My father who brought happiness to everyone through music and busking was very cool and respectable. I also remember calming songs that he would sing to me with a guitar when I was about to fall asleep. Like a lullaby.

— Hueningkai

Overall, Hueningkai confirmed that falling in love with music came naturally and that those memories of his dad are a great influence.

That’s right. I think that memory has the biggest impact. I didn’t know it when I was younger, but my father was very handsome.

— Hueningkai

Source: GQ Korea