TXT’s Hueningkai Returns To Blond Hair, And Fans Are Obsessed

It’s been a long wait for its return!

Each of the members of TXT has tried out many different hair colors, some of them more experimental than others. Hueningkai has maybe not had as many colorful looks as, say, Yeonjun, but he’s had his fair share of different shades!

Hueningkai (TXT)
| @TXT_members/Twitter

Arguably one of his most iconic and memorable colors was when he went platinum blond for the group’s “LO$ER=LO♡ER” era. It was a drastic change from his usually darker-haired looks, and gave him even more of an ethereal, princely look than he already has.


Now, thanks to some videos taken of the TXT members while they attended the Bruno Mars concert in Seoul, it appears that he may be making a return to the legendary look!

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the K-Pop idols at the concert, and while the videos circulating online aren’t super close or clear, you can definitely tell that Hueningkai’s hair is a light color.

Additionally, it looks like some of the other members might have dyed their hair too!

Fans can’t contain their excitement for the return of blond Hueningkai, as evident by the phrase trending on Twitter!

TXT is planning to release a digital single this July, so it’s likely that these new hair colors will be part of that comeback!