An “&AUDITION – The Howling” Trainee Is So Tall Even TXT’s Hueningkai Was Shook

Hueningkai didn’t think he would be so tall.

TXT‘s Hueningkai may be his group’s maknae (youngest member) but takes the crown as one of the tallest members after his growth spurt. When appearing on &AUDITION – The Howling, there was a trainee so tall even he was hilariously intimidated.

Soobin and Hueningkai.

Since the trainees were interested in sports and Hueningkai played basketball for four years, he showed off a few of his dribbling moves. There turned out to be a trainee who’d also played the sport.

K encouraged JO to show off some of his moves as well. As soon as JO stood up from the table, Hueningkai hilariously panicked. Turning his head left and right, he said, “He’s so tall!

When Hueningkai stood up and saw JO walk toward him, he was even more overwhelmed by how tall he was. Hueningkai made them laugh by saying, “Don’t come any closer!

After joking around, they stood close enough for everyone to see that JO was just as tall as Hueningkai—if not taller. Not only was JO gifted in height, but he also played basketball for almost the same time Hueningkai did, leaving him even more amazed.

For someone to be tall enough to make Hueningkai panic, especially when he’s almost as tall as Soobin, they’re genuinely tall.