TXT Hueningkai’s Brotherly Side Shows When Supporting His Sister Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih’s Debut

“I talk to my older brother every…”

After making it to the end of the survival show Girls’ Planet 999, Huening Bahiyyih has finally made her debut in Kep1er with the title track “WA DA DA”. At their debut showcase, she opened up on how often she speaks with her brother TXT‘s Hueningkai and the caring way he supported her debut.


When speaking about her brother, Huening Bahiyyih shared that they spoke often and had heard sweet words from him recently. She said, “I talk to my older brother every day, and he congratulated me on my debut.” She wasn’t the only one Hueningkai had congratulated, either.


Knowing how hard it is to debut, Hueningkai shared kind words with the other members of Kep1er as well. Huening Bahiyyih continued, “In fact, he congratulated not only me but also my teammates, too. So I’m very grateful.

Hueningkai’s support for his sister and the other members of the group touched fans’ hearts, especially since he made time every day to check on his sister and help her any way he can.

The Huening siblings truly have a strong bond and are always looking out for each other. Congratulations to Huening Bahiyyih on her debut.

| @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Naver