TXT’s Hueningkai Wants Some Personal Space Away From Soobin And Soobin Had A Savage Response

Hueningkai we know you love him!

The members of TXT‘s are all super close and MOAs know that maknae Hueningkai and the group’s leader Soobin have the cutest relationship!

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Although the two are clearly fond of each other, Hueningkai shared that he wants some more personal space. During an episode on Melon Station radio series, the members of TXT shared what kind of magic they would use on one another.


When Hueningkai’s turn came up, Hueningkai shared that he would use magic to put a spell on Soobin so that Soobin would only come to him when asked.

Soobin hyung sticks to me too much so I would like to put a spell on Soobin so that he only comes at times when I call him.

— Hueningkai



Furthermore, Hueningkai explained that since Soobin is always by his side, he feels there needs to be some distance between them.

Since he’s always sticking to me, I think there are some times when should be apart as well.

— Hueningkai

To clarify, Taehyun asked, “so he comes only when you call him?” Soobin then made a funny comment and stated, “If you do that there’s a chance (i won’t come to you and) we’ll be separated forever.”

Check out the clip below:

Source: @304verse