Fans Demand HYBE Fire Alleged Problematic Director Amid Concerns For The Members’ Well-Being

“What’s wrong with him?”

Fans demanded that HYBE fire a director that they alleged was needlessly putting TXT members in danger.


On January 22, a post titled “Another Truck Was Sent To HYBE” went viral. In the post, the author uploaded several photos of a truck that was sent to HYBE in protest.

  • BIGHIT is the label that hasn’t gotten its act together despite the views from its Challenge and Cover videos from the past 5 years.

Written on the truck were demands for HYBE to fire TXT’s director.

  • TXT’s unqualified director needs to get out after (choosing choreography) that has zero impact and zero harmony. They have proved their lack of ability by choosing the most predictable choreography.

  • They say that anyone can be mediocre in 3 years, but we’ve waited for 5. We’ve waited long enough. Replace TXT’s director.

  • We don’t want to hear that you’ll do better next time. We aren’t interested in the director’s improvement arc. Replace the director immediately.

  • BIGHIT is the only label that has given a non-experienced director full control of a group.

The author of the post goes on to write that TXT fans are upset at the fact that the group’s choreography is both unimpactful and dangerous for the group to perform.


Netizens rallied behind the post, with many voicing their support for the fans.

  • What’s wrong with him? The members are going to be ill… Although they seem ok, I think they are all suffering from injuries. They are putting them through so much.
  • But does that director make all the choreography? Or is it that he chooses choreography from others but isn’t able to do even that much?
  • They look like a junior version of 2PM. Let’s not put in any dangerous choreography.
  • I support the fans.
  • The choreo is seriously too much. I’m not a fan of them, but it’s sad to see them clench their fist to get through the choreo.
  • The choreography is seriously too much, but it isn’t even impactful. It’s so frustrating that they go viral for dancing covers but never for their own choreo.
  • The choreographer is bad for their health.
  • The choreography is too much. They are humans before they are idols.

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo