These Are The Key Moments In TXT’s Career When They Finally Felt Their Increase In Popularity

The difference is palpable.

TXT recently sat down for an interview with Consequence where they delved deeper into their career as singers. Though they’ve always had the spotlight on them since their debut, there were certain moments in their career where they truly felt their success.

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

One of the biggest hints was the upgrade in venues for their tours. Their ACT: LOVE SICK tour in 2022 saw them playing in theaters around America.

Just a year later, they upgraded to arenas.

There was a palpable difference between the two types of concert locations. For instance, the group performed at the Texas Trust CU Theatre last year which has a capacity of 6,400 people.

This time around, they are greeting Texan MOAs at the AT&T Center which can fit up to 19,000 people.

Leader Soobin commented on this upgrade, saying that he can see the stark increase of fans right before him.

I can feel that there are literally more MOA in numbers, right in front of my eyes. The scale is bigger — I think it’s flashier.

— Soobin

Another instance when TXT realized they grew in popularity was during the Lollapalooza festival which they performed at last August 2022. They were able to showcase their music in front of “a lot of people,” and they are even going to headline the same event in three months.

When we were performing for the first time at Lollapalooza last year, I felt a little pressured and worried, rather than excited, because I had to perform in front of a lot of people that don’t know us. But last year, I saw that people were just there to enjoy, and they enjoyed our show—so now that we’re going back with the title of headliner, I’m not worried this time. It’s also a good opportunity to present ourselves to people that don’t know us, so I think I’m going to enjoy myself even more this time.

— Soobin

Best yet, the group did not expect their name to be written so largely in the 2023 Lollapalooza poster. Considering they are performing alongside other big names, it is a dream come true for them.

When I saw our name the biggest it could be, I thought, ‘Could this be real?‘ When I was performing there last year, I remember thinking, ‘Could there be more people than this?’

— Beomgyu

One thing is certain: TXT has come a long way!

Source: Consequence


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