MOAs’ Lightsticks Suffer Technical Difficulties During TXT Concerts

It might partially be because of other fans, though…

MOAs are experiencing an unfortunate inconvenience while attending TXT‘s concerts.

TXT are currently on their ACT: SWEET MIRAGE World Tour. Many MOAs have been excited about their concert experience, including MOA BONG, the group’s official lightstick.

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Yet, some have been experiencing “technical difficulties” during the concert.

MOAs are meant to download the official app and connect via BlueTooth. There is a concert mode that allows you to sync with the concert, and MOAs are to put in their exact seat numbers.


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But a MOA, Krista (@krisduhb on TikTok), recently went viral, sharing their unfortunate experience. Krista explained that the lightstick worked perfectly fine before the concert, but during the concert itself, it didn’t work at all. They even took the batteries out, but nothing worked.

My MOA BONG did not work the whole entire time. I went to the pairing booth, it went through successfully, and it lit up…

— @krisduhb/TikTok


i didnt let it ruin my night but it was so frustrating lmao #txt #moabong #kpop #kpopfyp

♬ original sound – krista

MOAs commented on the video, revealing they had similar issues. According to some, the new recurring problem is that other MOA BONG owners are connecting even if they aren’t at the concert. So, they’ll select the concert mode and insert a random seat. Since someone else has connected to it, those in that actual seat cannot.

| @krisduhb/TikTok

This is just one possibility due to the increase of MOAs suffering technical difficulties with their MOA BONGs mid-concert, especially as most don’t seem to have much issue after.

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