TXT May Have Been The Inspiration Behind The Band In “The Casagrandes”

We are officially T12M stans!

The Nickelodeon television show The Casagrandes features a world-famous K-Pop band named Twelve Is Midnight — and fans think TXT, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, may have been its inspiration!

Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Taehyun, Soobin, and Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER. | @TXT_members/Twitter

It all started when fans realized the fandom encyclopedia for the television show mentioned TXT in the band’s “Trivia” section!

| Twelve Is Midnight/The Loud House Encyclopedia

The fictional band plays a big role in the lives of the characters Ronnie Anne and Sid! The two attempt following along with their dances and go to great lengths to see them perform live—like true K-Pop fans.

Sid Chang (left) and Ronnie Anne Santiago (right) are fans of T12M. | The Loud House Encyclopedia

The characters also have tons of merchandise with the group’s name and the members’ faces on them!

| kythrich/Pinterest

Twelve Is Midnight is also shortened to T12M, similar to how TOMORROW X TOGETHER is shortened to TXT! The two groups both have 5 members each, too.

Left to right: Han, Jun Soo, Yoon Kwan, Jin, and Woo Yeon of T12M. | The Loud House Encyclopedia

T12M even did a “comeback stage” where the group performed their song “Tiger!” Similarly, TXT has a song titled “PUMA.”

| Akram Loud/Amino Apps

And their retro-inspired sound, exciting music, and clean choreography is totally in line with TXT’s style!

The leader of T12M, Yoon Kwan, was even voiced by Korean artist Eric Nam in the original series, The Loud House.

Yoon Kwan (left) and Sid Chang (right). | The Loud House Encyclopedia

MOAs have even noticed one character’s visual similarity to Yeonjun—and the character’s name is Woo Yeon!

Yeonjun from TXT. | @TXT_members/Twitter
Woo Yeon from T12M. | The Loud House Encyclopedia

MOAs can’t get over the similarities, and also think T12M’s music is actually pretty good!

Whether T12M was truly inspired by TXT isn’t confirmed, they definitely nailed the K-Pop fan experience!

Source: The Loud House and Twitter


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