Here’s What Each TXT Member Would Be Doing If They Weren’t K-Pop Idols

Beomgyu knew he’d be a student again.

It’s hard to imagine TXT pursuing anything but K-Pop thanks to their incredible charisma and skills on stage. At the same time, they’re all multi-talented and can do anything they set their minds to!

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In an interview with Seventeen, they revealed which jobs they’d pursue if they weren’t K-Pop idols. Check them out below!

1. Taehyun

First up, Taehyun may be known for his princely visuals, but he has no qualms with living a life under the radar. He’d be happy being a student just like other teenagers or even a soldier or athlete down the road.

I don’t know, I’d probably be a regular student, no? Going to college. But recently I’ve considered other scenarios too. I think I could’ve been a soldier or a professional athlete.

— Taehyun

TXT’s Taehyun

Hueningkai immediately agreed that he’d be a great athlete, adding, “He could’ve been a UFC fighter.” His passionate personality would definitely translate well to sports!

2. Beomgyu

Beomgyu had the same line of thought as Taehyun. As a 20-year old, he would’ve naturally been a college student if he were not a singer.

I think I would’ve been an ordinary student, too.

— Beomgyu

TXT’s Beomgyu

3. Yeonjun

Yeonjun’s alternate job is as expected. He and his fellow members knew that he’d pursue dancing in one way or another.

Hueningkai: Don’t you think you would’ve been a dance instructor?

Soobin: I think he would’ve been a dancer.

Yeonjun: I still would’ve danced, yeah.

Yeonjun is known as BIGHIT MUSIC‘s “Legendary Trainee” who always—without fail—ranked first in the trainee evaluations. It’s no surprise that dancing is so engraved in his life that he’d do it even in another one!

4. Soobin

Soobin is the last member who also knew he’d be a student if he weren’t in the entertainment industry. Unlike the others, his reasoning was that he liked it in the past.

I probably would’ve been studying. I enjoyed studying.

— Soobin

5. Hueningkai

And finally, right before they headed to the next interview question, Hueningkai raised his hand and said that he “would’ve been a reporter.”

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With his charisma and clear pronunciation, he would’ve aced it!

For more facts about TXT, check out the full video below.

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