TXT Reveals The Members’ Roommate Situation At Their Dorm

Guess who sleeps where!

TXT guest starred on After School Club to reveal how the members share beds in their dorm!


Soobin revealed that they don’t have roommates per se because they all sleep in one room!

“We have three bunk beds in our room. We sleep on the top and bottom bunks.”

— Soobin


Huening Kai and Taehyun explained that the maknae-line sleeps on the top bunks while the hyung-line sleeps on the bottom bunk!

“Two of us sleep on the bottom bunk, while three of us sleep on the top bunk. We use the top bunk, bottom bunk, top bunk, bottom bunk, and top bunk. We have three bunk beds, but one of the bottom bunk is empty so we put our stuff like clothes there.”

— Huening Kai


“Huening Kai, Beomgyu, and I sleep on the top bunks. Yeonjun and Soobin sleep on the bottom bunks.”

— Taehyun


Yeonjun jokingly confessed that the older members sleep on the bottom bunk because it’s difficult for them to climb up to the top bunk every night!


Considering how all seven members of BTS slept in one single room for their first 3 years, it appears its tradition among the BigHit family!


Hopefully, the boys will move to different dorms soon where they can have their own rooms!