TXT Members Open Up On How They Felt Towards Debuting Together

“I really could not predict which members would be put into one team.”

TXT is not only a group with incredible talent but also with great chemistry between the members! Perhaps the group is so successful because of their great teamwork and relationship with one another. Though the members appear to be close now, was it like that from the very beginning? In a recent interview, 2021 DREAM WEEK, the members of TXT answered that very question!

Starting off with the leader Soobin, Soobin was asked about the initial feelings and thoughts he had once he received the news that he would be debuting with his current members.

Q: Before debuting, when the members gathered under the name “TXT” for the first time — and heard that the five of you are going to be a team, how did you feel?

At first, I was at a loss. In that moment I heard that, it hadn’t been a year since I became a trainee…I felt really doubtful on the inside. I thought, ‘I don’t think I’m ready. I don’t think I can start preparing to debut.’ At the time, I was really timid and I wasn’t close to any members except for Hueningkai. So, I didn’t know how to get closer to the other members, and my thoughts compounded with other thoughts an I became more and  more at a loss. I felt, ‘Am I a person that can be in this position?’

— Soobin

Soobin | Weverse Magazine

Of course, there are several struggles at the start but it appears that Soobin was clearly able to get close to his members!

The other members received the same question and answered with honesty. For Yeonjun, he claimed as the oldest members of the group, he worried about how to guide the younger ones and how everyone could get along having different personalities.

I thought, ‘That’s strange.’ I really could not predict which members would be put into one team. At the start, I had some members I couldn’t get along with in regards of personalities and other aspects, and I had many concerns about how to all get along, and it was a struggle. Also, Soobin and Beomgyu were young, but Taehyun and Hueningkai…they were very young and really babies. Of course, they are still babies…So, I was really worried on how to lead the dongsaengs. I guess it’s concerns that the oldest has.

—  Yeonjun

Yeonjun | Weverse Magazine

For Beomgyu, he shared that it was quite an uneasy feeling since he had just met his member the day he was informed they would be in one team together.

The first day I went to the company, I met with the members for the first time, I heard we were going to be in one team. Being a ‘team’ with people I just met for the first time was scary and unfamiliar but when I thought in a different way, being able to feel a sense of belonging in an entity like a ‘team’ was great. It was an emotion I felt for the first time. If I were to reflect back and speak honestly, I think we were a lot of worries as well. The thoughts I had when I came to Seoul for the first time, hoping to slowly prepare and debut perfectly. But the debut preparation went by quicker than I thought  it would be. Looking at how it was a situation where I had just began practicing while the other members had already had a lot of practice made my anxiety increase.

—  Beomgyu

Beomgyu | Weverse Magazine

Unlike the other members, Taehyun shared that he wasn’t all that anxious about the news of his team and their debut until later on.

I actually didn’t feel too different. Like, we didn’t become a team overnight, so… And with time, I kind of started to grasp, ‘It’s going to be us five, for sure.’ We had a feeling, so to speak. So working up to debut, we didn’t worry too much. Then, at a certain point, I became absolutely sure. Like, ‘We got this, we’re going to be great.’

—  Taehyun

Taehyun | Weverse Magazine

For maknae Hueningkai, he claimed that upon hearing the news, he was merely shocked.

It didn’t sink in. During my days as a trainee, with several evaluations, I felt, ‘It will stay like this or it wouldn’t’ but when I heard that the five of us would join as a team, it felt like a dream. I didn’t sink in because those words were the words I had been hoping for and they only came true in dreams. I really wanted to hear, ‘You are all a team and you guys are going to debut.’ After a long time, it finally sunk in and I was happy, excited, and I was anticipating it.

—  Hueningkai

Huengingkai | Weverse Magazine


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