TXT Members Reveal The Hilarious Nicknames They Save Each Other As On Their Phones

Their “nicknames” fit them so perfectly!

Fans are eager to know how the TXT members saved each other on their phones after being together for years!


Taehyun didn’t disappoint as he proved that their brotherhood is strong! Ever since they were trainees, he’s saved each member with an adorable nickname!

“In order to feel closer, I purposefully [created nicknames]. We first met when we were trainees and I haven’t change it since. I saved them as…

BigHit World’s Most Handsome Yeonjun Hyung

BigHit Cutie Huening Kai

BigHit Good Looking Soobin Hyung

BigHit Precious Beomgyu Hyung”

— Taehyun


Discovering how much praise Taehyun gave their oldest member, everyone was curious to see what Yeonjun saved Taehyun as on his phone. Yeonjun confessed that he’s saved as simply ‘TXT Taehyun’!

“It’s not Taehyun. It’s not Kang Taehyun either. It’s TXT Taehyun.”

— Yeonjun


Feeling betrayed by the simplicity of the nickname, Taehyun was saved when Beomgyu revealed that he’s saved as ‘BigHit Lovable Cutie Taehyun‘ on his phone!


Soobin also revealed that Taehyun’s nickname on his phone is full of love but it wasn’t voluntary… Taehyun took his phone and saved it himself!

“He’s saved as ‘The Most Good Looking Maknae Taehyunie’ but I didn’t save it like that. Taehyun took my phone and nicknamed himself.”

— Soobin


It appears Taehyun wanted his hyungs to love him just as much as he loved them! The cutie pie actually stole Huening Kai’s phone and changed the name to ‘World’s Most Good Looking Friend’ too!


Their adorable nicknames (voluntary or not) proves that these brothers are bonded for life! Check out the members reveal their adorable nicknames below: