The Members Of TXT Reveal Touching Moments Where They Felt Reassured By Each Other

They can always rely on each other!

The members of TXT have been through thick and thin together. With hard times, there probably were several times when each member needed comforting from one another. In a recent interview, each of the members revealed touching moments where they received reassurance from one another.

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First off, TXT’s leader, Soobin revealed he felt reassured by his members during the hard times he went through.

Q: It’s your second year now, I believe you’d be closer with your members than last year. When did you feel reassured about your members?

When I’m exhuasted and tired, my members would pat me on my back and say, ‘We are almost there, hang on a little longer.’ Everyone must be tired, but when I see how wee encourage each other, I feel reassured.

— Soobin

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Soobin went into further details and explained how everyone tries to bring up the overall mood if things get depressing.

Oh! We also discussed that, ‘If we get tired and lose morale. the mood would most likely get depressing, so whenever that happens, let’s bring up the mood so we don’t get gloomy!’ But after that, someone actually set forth and encouraged us to bring the mood up.

— Soobin

Soobin | Weverse

Yeonjun shared a different moment and referred to the times he’s on stage with his members. Yeonjun claimed that seeing his members putting their all into a performance reassures him a lot!

When I’m dancing on stage, I will look at my members next to me. Of course, because we’re on stage, there are times I will naturally look at them while I fix my contact as my body moves, but there are also times when I intentionally look at my members. When I see them sweating a lot and working hard singing and dancing, I think, ‘Ah, on this stage, we are here togther.’ Suddenly, I somehow feel really reassured. The idea that I am not alone and we’re together on the stage makes me so reassured that I suddenly feel proud and happy and I am hit with those emotions.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun | Weverse

For Beomgyu, he appeared to find it hard to pick just one moment as he stated he felt reassured by his member all the time. How sweet is that!

Every moment. I always feel reassured every moment when my members are by my side. As I said before, there are many things I probably could not do if I were alone. But, I think I was able to do this much because of my members.

— Beomgyu

Beomgyu | Weverse

TXT’s Taehyun answered the question with a reply that sums up the group’s overall chemistry and support for each other.

When we understand each other just by making eye contact, I sometimes feel electrified. When we are doing the same thing even when we didn’t say anything.

— Beomgyu

Taehyun | Weverse

Last but not least, the group’s maknae Hueningkai expressed he feels most reassured when the members get a chance to talk about their worries and concerns together

I felt reassured when we talked to each other about our worries, and about the fact that I could share my worries with my members and not alone. They say that if you cut sadness in half, it will decrease. If you let something out, it feels a lot better, and as we discussed with each other, the members get more reassuring to me and I began to become more dependent.

— Hueningkai

Hueningkai | Weverse

The member’s words are certainly touching and it’s reassuring for fans themselves to know that they are always there for each other.

Source: Weverse


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