TXT Members Reveal Who They Believe Is The Best Looking Of The Group

They’re not wrong though…

TXT guest appeared on TMI NEWS, where the members discussed their relationship with BTS, their comeback, and their visual rankings.

Jun Hyun Moo asked who each of the members believed was the top visual member of the group. And Beomgyu‘s hand immediately shot up into the air, claiming he was the best looking mate.

But maknae HueningKai had other thoughts in mind. He immediately asked, “Who do you guys really think is the best looking?” and answered himself, “Of course it’s me“.

The hosts looked to leader Soobin to clarify this visual battle. While they expected a humble response, Soobin confessed that he is the best looking member!

He said, “To be honest – when you think about it generally – I’m the best looking.

Taehyun shot Soobin down, claiming that it wasn’t a general thought at all but a severely biased opinion. Then he proceeded to boast, “If you really think of it generally, I’m the best looking.

The hosts all looked to the oldest Yeonjun to bring the members down from their pedestals as Yeonjung claimed, “You guys really have no conscious…” but soon followed with, “I’m the best looking!

So the question had to be asked: “Who do MOAs believe is the top visual member of the group?” And all five members immediately claimed, “ME!

But let’s be real… they’re not wrong though!