MOA Detectives Decode TXT’s New Featured Artists For “0X1=LOVESONG”

Can you see it too?

Earlier today, TXT announced they will be releasing a new version of their song “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” with three featured artists.

The featured artists however were colored over, but that didn’t stop MOAs from doing a little detective work. Upon closer inspection, the edge of some of the letters are peeking out of the colored box, and that apparently was enough for MOA’s to piece together the clues.

While it is not confirmed that it is indeed pH-1 and Woodie Gochild with Seori, the evidence seems to be quite convincing. The news spread like wildfire, and even reached pH-1 who was confused as to why his name was trending on Twitter.

Guess we’ll just have to confirm for ourselves when the song is released this Friday, June 25th!

Source: Feature Image