TXT Left MOAs Watching Footage Of An Elevator For An Hour, But Were Given A Special Treat At The End

“Are HYBE clowning us again?”

When it comes to treating fans, TXT will do everything to make sure that their fans (MOAs) are always up-to-date with content. From selfies, tweets, and live streams, they love to spoil their fans whenever they can!

TXT members | @txt_bighit/ Twitter

On September 2, fans of TXT were left slightly puzzled when a surprising link for the group’s YouTube channel appeared on social media.

When fans clicked on it, they were treated to some CCTV footage of what many assumed was the HYBE building. During the hour live stream, fans got glimpses of the TXT members. Yet, they mainly saw many empty elevators and sometimes, the odd member of staff going about their daily business. 

However, it wasn’t the first teaser that had fans excited! Earlier in the week, fans started trending “HYBE ATTACK” after images and teasers started to be released with the hashtag. Many had theories about what it could be, from a new reality show to a surprise music video for one of the group’s tracks.

In the end, after an hour of waiting, a new unlisted video was shared on social media with the same title, so many fans had to switch to another video. Luckily, as soon as the clock hit 8:17 pm (KST), the members appeared in the same elevator on the screen.

Although it might not have been what many expected, MOAs couldn’t hide their excitement as the group performed their latest track, “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” in the building. In particular, they loved the chaotic nature of the video where the members moved from room to room, causing havoc.


What was even cuter was, during the group choreography, the staff members seemed to get into the spirit of the song. Fans could see them joining in with the dance moves in the background.

It isn’t the first time a group from HYBE has done something like this. Earlier in the year, fellow labelmate BTS also hosted a live stream where fans watched butter melt in the lead-up to their announcement for the track “Butter.”


This video showcased their charisma and talent, which was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for fans despite what they thought was going on. With an unfiltered and uncontrolled performance, it was the pure epitome of chaos, and fans wouldn’t have had it any other way. You can watch the whole performance below.

Source: TXT