TXT Knew About Their New Breakup Concept Before It Was Decided Upon, Here’s How

It’s a concept they knew they were gonna do!

TXT made their comeback with a brand-new concept, and MOAs are so hyped to see a new side of the group this time!

TXT | Big Hit Music

TXT recently made their comeback with the album minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, and the title track “Good Boy Gone Bad”! They also held a press conference for their comeback, where they talked about their new song, units, and more!

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As their comeback this time deals with the theme of heartbreak, the members show off a darker, more angry side of themselves to fans, and nail it! Beomgyu revealed that the focus on their comeback this time was releasing a song where they set themselves apart while releasing a breakup song!

It’s a breakup song like no other. Usually, breakup songs are about being sad or regretful, but our song portrays a different set of emotions, from the feeling of rage to getting engulfed by such an emotional state.


Beomgyu | Big Hit Music

Hueningkai also revealed that as the group always talks about growing with their music, they knew this concept was inevitable for them!

We knew we had to do this concept at least once. A breakup is inevitable in the process of growth, and we learn new emotions through it. I also discovered a new aspect of myself through this concept.


Watch TXT show off their new sides in the MV for “Good Boy Gone Bad” here!

Source: The Korea Herald