TXT Is Officially Preparing For Their First Offline Concert Since Debut And MOAs Are Freaking Out

They’ll finally be able to greet fans in person!

On August 19, MOAs who tuned into TXT‘s broadcast on Big Hit Music’s Melon Station were met with an amazing surprise: the group will be having their very first full-length concert in the near future!

Beomgyu: It’s finally happening! Our first concert! We’re so excited to see MOAs in the audience. We’ve been working hard on putting some great new performances together, so we’re really looking forward to it!

Taehyun: It’s going to be a first time experience for us too, so we’re set on making unforgettable memories for everyone. We’re pouring our hearts into preparing for it… So you should come prepared to spend ALL your energy with us and just completely pass out the next day!

TXT previously had live showcases in South Korea and the United States when they debuted back in 2019, but the most they ever got to perform was five songs from their first album. After that, TXT was scheduled to have a 2020 world tour which ended up getting cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the members have expressed their interest in being able to hold concerts around the globe to meet their fans time and time again.

Hueningkai: What are your summer plans this year?

Beomgyu: This summer?

Taehyun: Tour!!! If we can.

Hueningkai: Of course if we can we’d *obviously* have to do a tour.

Now that the members have confirmed it themselves, MOAs everywhere have begun to celebrate! One of the main things everyone is excited for is how TXT will finally get the chance to see an ocean of blue just for them.

Fans are even starting to speculate as to what the setlist may contain!

Are you excited for TXT’s first concert?