TXT Faced Technical Malfunction During “Crown” Performance At Music Bank, Members Respond

The members each responded with their reaction.

During their “Crown” performance on Music Bank, TXT faced technical malfunctions when their MR was suddenly cut off before it started continuing on at different speeds.


Although initially taken aback by the technical error, the members showed professionalism as they continued on with their performance without faltering.


As fans were worried about how the rookies were dealing with the technical issue, the members each tweeted a statement about their reactions.

Taehyun first began by thanking the fans for helping them overcome their first technical malfunction on stage.

“Hahahahahahahahaha It was a new experience but we were able to finish strong thanks to our fans’ passionate support ❣️Thank you. We will work hard and practice perfectly so that when something like this happens again, we’ll be more skilled! and professional!

Thank you for coming out today. See you tomorrow”

— Taehyun


Yeonjun thanked their fans as he revealed that he was able to create a better stage all thanks to their support.

“Music Bank is over!!!

It was a little bit lacking today but I think we were able to focus more and work harder thanks to our fans’ loud cheers and support!

I’m thankful toward our fans again today haha❤️”

— Yeonjun


Soobin thanked everyone who came out to support them that day and wished everyone has a blessed weekend as well!

“It’s Soobin! I’m here again today to say hello to everyone who came to cheer us on during our stage!

We were able to safely finish our performance thanks to our fans hahahahahahahaha~!

The weekdays have already ended. Everyone worked so hard. Let’s have fun this weekend too!”

— Soobin


Beomgyu confessed he was a little flustered from the technical error but he was able to perform well for the remainder of the stage thanks to their fans.

“We safely(?) finished Music Bank!!

I was a little flustered but I was able to do well because our fans cheered us on so well haha..

It’s already Saturday tomorrow. I hope everyone spends a happy Friday and a happy Saturday tomorrow too❣️


— Beomgyu


Lastly, Huening Kai reflected on their hectic day but ultimately shared his thanks to their fans as well.

“Thank you to our fans who came out to Music Bank to cheer us on!!! Today was such a hectic day but from listening to our fans’ chants throughout our performance, I think we were all able to enjoy it!! Thank you, fans♡”

— Huening Kai


As expected of hard working idols, TXT proved that not even technical malfunctions can get in their way to the perfect stage!