TXT Follows Their Own Set Of Pre-Show Rituals, And They’re Unexpectedly Practical

Were you aware of these?

Like many other artists, TXT has their own pre-show rituals that they follow backstage before every performance, and they’re surprisingly very practical!

TXT, BTS, and Lee Hyun backstage | @thehyun11/Twitter

The boys revealed these rituals in a recent interview with Seventeen. Immediately after they were asked the question, Yeonjun answered “stretching.”

Similarly, Hueningkai explained that he stretches…for a whopping 30 minutes!

Yeah, I stretch for 30 minutes.

— Hueningkai

With that amount of stretching, it’s no wonder he kills the stage each and every time!

Beomgyu and Soobin, on the other hand, make sure to tie their shoelaces. They have to tie them tighter than usual to avoid any accidents from happening on stage.

Oh, shoelaces! I tie my shoelaces. I tie them twice. You have to tie them tighter than usual.

— Beomgyu and Soobin

Hueningkai added, “Especially on stage, they get untied easier.”

Finally, Taehyun checks that his jacket is properly in place. Just like with shoelaces, he doesn’t want any wardrobe malfunction from ruining their performances!

And if we’re wearing jackets, I’ll always do a final check before we go on.

— Taehyun

TXT’s pre-show rituals show their meticulous and careful sides, like the professionals that they are! Check out the full interview below.

Source: YouTube