TXT Opens Up On The Pressures About Being BTS’s Younger Brother Group

“It would be a lie to say we didn’t feel pressured. But…”

TXT were chosen as the feature models for @Star1 magazine’s February 2020 edition. There, they revealed new photos from their photoshoot, as well as an interview about their first year.


During the interview, the members were asked how they felt about debuting as the younger brother of BTS, one of the most famous K-Pop groups in the world.

It would be a lie to say we didn’t feel pressured. But we used that as a motivation to do better. We think of it as a grateful opportunity, so we were determined to do better and work harder in our promotions.

— Yeonjun


And TXT has definitely done BTS proud as they’ve become the hottest boy group to debut in 2020 as they won multiple awards, including the Rookie Of The Year awards!

And Beomgyu confessed that he was both “happy” and “comforted” by their awards.

Before we debuted, I worried if we would be able to do well but when we won our first rookie award, I felt happy and comfort at the same time.

— Beomgyu


When asked what changed the most since their debut, Yeonjun jokingly claimed they all lost weight and became more handsome. On a serious note, he explained that they’re learning more about their own signature colors in music.

We lost weight compared to before our debut. I think we became more handsome in general.

I think I found a little bit of my own color in terms of skills.

— Yeonjun


Although they may have debuted with a tremendous amount of pressure on their shoulders, TXT continues to prove that they’re not just the younger brothers of BTS but a force to be reckoned with themselves!

Source: Osen