TXT Are Raking In The Collabs With PENTATONIX Joining The List

It’s all thanks to Yeonjun.

TXT have spoken about the artists that have inspired them in many of their U.S interviews, and they’ve resulted in surprising events like Soobin gaining the opportunity to collaborate with his favorite artist Bebe Rexha.

It looks like it’s Yeonjun‘s turn because he named PENTATONIX‘s “Can’t Sleep Love” as one of his favorite songs in “The Playlist Of Their Lives” for Teen Vogue. He even sang a snippet of the song with the rest of the members joining in.

And, co-founder of PENTATONIX Scott Hoying saw the clip and tweeted his enthusiasm for collaborating with the group.

First, Bebe Rexha. Now, PENTATONIX. TXT are gaining quite a few artists to collaborate with. Who do you think will reach out next?